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Ezgi Günaydın! Good morning!
John Günaydın! Good morning!
Ezgi Adın ne? What's your name?
John Benim adım John My name is John.
Ezgi Merhaba John Hi John
Benim adım Ezgi My name is Ezgi
John Memnun oldum. Pleased (to meet you).
Ezgi Memnun oldum. Pleased (to meet you).

Grammar Notes

Günaydın! means [Good morning].

Ad is the word for [name] in Turkish. In the Turkish language, possession is indicated by suffixes rather than by a possessive adjective. To say [my], we add the suffix -ım. To say [your], we add the suffix -ın.

  • adım
    my name
  • adın
    your name
Ne? is the question word meaning [What?]. There is no word for [is] in the Turkish language, so to ask [What is your name?], it is sufficient to say Adın ne?

Benim is another word for [my], and is not technically needed in the sentence Benim adım John.