Grammar Appendix

The verb "to be": "I am, You are, He is, etc." 1/2

In Turkish, there is no verb "to be". To express sentences like "I am a student" or "I am tall", just say "Ben öğrenciyim" and "Ben uzunum".

In the Present Tense

Ben öğrenciyim. - I am a student.
O çok zengin. - He is very rich.

In the Past Tense

To express "being" in the past tense, add the -di / -ti suffix.

Ben öğrenciydim. - I was a student.
O çok zengindi. - He was very rich.

In the Future Tense

To express "being" in the future tense, use the verb olmak in the future tense.

Ben bir öğrenci olacağım. - I will be a student.
O çok zengin olacak. - He will be very rich.