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Vladimir Привет, Полина! Hi Polina!
Polina Привет! Hi!
Vladimir Как дела? How are you? (informal)
Polina Все хорошо, спасибо. All is well, thanks.
А у тебя? And you? (informal)
Vladimir Тоже хорошо. Also well.
Что делаешь? What are you doing? (informal)
Polina Я читаю книгу. I'm reading a book.
А ты? And you?
Vladimir Я иду на работу. I'm going to work. (imperfect verb)

Grammar Notes

Привет is an informal way to say hello between friends, equivalent to [Hi] in English.

Как ты? literally means [How you?]. Note that the verb [are] is omitted.

А у тебя? literally means [And in you?]. The phrase у тебя means something like [with you].

In the question Что делаешь?, note that the pronoun [you] is missing. In some sentences, Russians omit the pronoun when it is obvious from the context.