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Polina Ты откуда? Where are you from? (informal)
John Я из Америки. I'm from America
Я американец. I'm American.
А ты откуда? And where are you from? (informal)
Polina Я из России. I'm from Russia.
Я русская. I'm Russian (female).
Ты учишься? Do you study? (informal)
John Да, я студент. Yes, I am a student.
А ты? Тоже студентка? And you? (Are you) also a student (female)?
Polina Нет, я работаю. No, I work.

Grammar Notes

In Russian, although there do exist words for the verbs [is / am / are], in practice they are always omitted.

Thus to say [I am a student], Russians just say [I student] or я студент. You can also see this in the following sentences:

  • Я американец. I [am] American.
  • Я русская. I [am] Russian.
  • Я из Америки. I [am] from America. (из means [from])

Russians use a single word откуда to express the phrase [from where]:

  • Ты откуда? You [are] from-where?

The Russian words for [Yes] and [No] are Да and Нет, respectively.