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Teacher Buongiorno, studenti! Hello, students!
John Buongiorno, professoressa! Hello, professor!
Teacher John, hai una domanda? John, do you have a question?
John Sì, ho una domanda! Yes, I have a question.
Teacher Dimmi. Tell me.
John Come si dice in italiano [car]? How do you say [car] in italian?
Teacher Macchina. Macchina.
John Come si dice in italiano [to have lunch]? How do you say [to have lunch] in italian?
Teacher Pranzare Pranzare
John Grazie. Thank you.
Teacher Prego. You're welcome.

Grammar Notes

Ho ... means [I have ...]. Here are some examples of how the verb can be used:

  • Ho una domanda.
    I have a question.
  • Ho una macchina.
    I have a car.

Si dice is a slightly idiomatic expression that means [One says]. Come si dice ... ? thus translates to [How does one say ... ?]

Dimmi means [Tell me] in the imperative mood.