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Alessia Marcello, purtroppo oggi devo andare al lavoro. Marcello, unfortunately, I have to go to work today.
Ti va di incontrarci domani? Do you want to meet up tomorrow?
Marcello Sì! Yes!
Alessia OK, arrivederci. Ok, goodbye.
Marcello Arrivederci! Goodbye!

Grammar Notes

Devo... is a modal verb meaning I should. The following examples show how the verb can be used:

  • Devo andare al lavoro.
    I should go to work.
  • Devo viaggiare.
    I should travel.
  • Devo guardare la TV.
    I should watch TV.

Ti va di incontrarci domani? is an idiomatic way to ask if someone wants to meet.

Ti va di ... ? can be used to express an invitation to any activity.