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Marcello Pronto? Hello (on the phone)
John Ciao Marcello. Hi Marcello.
Marcello Ciao John! Hi John.
Dove sei? Where are you?
John Sono a Carignano. I'm in Carignano.
Marcello Ah, sì. Ah, yes.
Com'è il tempo a Carignano? How is the weather in Carignano?
John Non male. Not bad.
C'è il sole. It is sunny
e fa caldo. and it is hot. (referring to the weather)
Com'è il tempo a Roma? How is the weather in Rome?
Marcello Brutto! Bad!
Sta piovendo! It's raining!
E fa freddo. And the weather is cold.

Grammar Notes

The Italian phrases used to describe the weather are quite idiomatic and differ from how we would express the same ideas in English.

Fa freddo and Fa caldo literally mean [It makes cold] and [It makes hot]. They are equivalent to [it's cold] or [it's hot].

C'è il sole literally means [There is the sun]. This phrase is equivalent to [It's sunny].