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Alessia Buongiorno! Good day!
John Buongiorno! Good day!
Alessia Come ti chiami? What's your name?
John Mi chiamo John. My name is John.
Alessia Ciao John. And you?
Mi chiamo Alessia. My name is Alessia.
John Piacere. Pleasure (to meet you).
Alessia Piacere. Pleasure (to meet you).

Grammar Notes

Buongiorno is the standard greeting used among Italians during the day.

Come ti chiami? is used to express the question: [What's your name?]. The word come means [how] and the word ti means [yourself]. The phrase translates more literally to something like [How do you call yourself?].

Mi chiamo ... is used to express [My name is...], but the literal meaning is closer to [I call myself ...].

In Italian, the words io and tu are the pronouns for [I] and [you] respectively, but in practice, these pronouns are often omitted.

Piacere means [pleasure] literally. So the expression Piacere is short for [It's a pleasure to meet you].