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Teacher Bonjours étudiants! Hello, students!
John Bonjour madame professeur! Hello, professor!
Teacher John, as-tu une question? John, do you have a question?
John Oui, j'ai une question. Yes, I have a question.
Teacher Oui? Yes?
John Comment dit-on [car] en français? How does one say [car] in French?
Teacher Voiture. Voiture.
John Comment dit-on [to have lunch] en français? How does one say [to have lunch] in French?
Teacher Déjeuner Dejeuner.
John Merci. Thank you.
Teacher Je t'en prie. You're welcome. (informal)

Grammar Notes

Comment dit-on ___ en français? can be used to ask how to say ___ in French. Dit means [says] and on means [someone]. The hyphen just signifies that the "t" should be pronounced in dit-on.

Comment dit-on ___ en français? translates word-for-word to [How says-someone ___ in French?].