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Camille Salut John! Hi John!
John Salut Camille! Hi Camille!
Camille John, je te présente mon ami Marcel. John, I present my friend Marcel.
Marcel Bonsoir, John. Good evening, John.
John Bonsoir, Marcel. Good evening, Marcel.
Marcel D'où viens tu? Where are you from?
John Je viens des États-Unis. I'm from the United States.
Marcel Est-ce que tu habites à Paris? Do you live in Paris?
John Oui, j'habite à Paris. Yes, I live in Paris.
Marcel Où est-ce que tu habites à Paris? Where do you live in Paris?
John J'habite au centre-ville. Et toi? I live in the center. And you?
Marcel J'habite loin du centre-ville. I live far from the center.

Grammar Notes

Bonsoir literally means [Good evening], and is the typical greeting used between French people after about 5:00 PM in the evening.

Où...? means [Where...?], so D'où...? means [From where?].

Où est-ce que...? can also mean [Where...?], as in the following questions:

  • Où est-ce que tu habites? Where do you live?
  • Où est-ce que tu travails? Where do you work?