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Camille Marcel, je suis désolée, Marcel, I'm sorry,
je dois aller au travail maintenant. I have to go to work now.
Veux-tu qu'on se recontre demain? Do you want to meet up tomorrow?
Marcello Oui! Yes!
Camille D'accord, au revoir. Ok, goodbye.
Marcello Au revoir! Goodbye!

Grammar Notes

Je dois aller means [I have to go] or [I should go]. In this phrase Je dois means [I should] and aller means [to go]. Here are more examples of how to use the phrase Je dois:

  • Je dois lire un livre.
  • I should read a book.
  • Je dois travailler.
  • I should work.

Veux tu se rencontrer demain? is a yes/no question that does not use the phrase Est-ce que... In fact most yes/no questions can be asked in one of two ways:

  1. with the verb before the subject of the question sentence (i.e. Veux tu...?)
  2. with the phrase Est-ce que at the beginning of the question sentence
The following questions are equivalent:
  • Est-ce que tu veux se rencontrer demain?
    Veux tu se rencontrer demain?
  • Est-ce que tu aimes voyager?
    Aimes tu voyager?
  • Est-ce que tu est étudiant?
    Est tu étudiant?