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Camille Salut Marcel. Hi Marcel!
Marcel Salut Camille. Hello Camille!
Ça va? How are you?
Camille Ça va, merci. I'm well, thanks.
Et toi? And you?
Marcel Ça va. I'm well.
Camille Qu'est-ce que tu fais maintenant? What are you doing right now?
Marcel Je lis un livre. I'm reading a book.
Et toi? And you?
Camille Je vais au travail. I'm going to work.

Grammar Notes

Salut is an informal greeting, typically used between friends.

Ça va? when pronounced with a questioning intonation, is typically used to ask how someone is doing.

Ça va when pronounced with a flat, declarative intonation is used to express that you are well or that you are doing OK.

Qu'est ce que ... ? is roughly equivalent to the English question word [What ... ?]

Qu'est ce que tu fais ? thus means [What are you doing?]