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Camille D'où viens tu? Where are you from?
John Je viens d'Amérique I'm an American.
Et toi? D'où viens tu? And you? Where are you from?
Camille Je suis française. I'm French.
Est-ce que tu es étudiant? Are you a student?
John Oui, je suis étudiant. Yes, I am a student.
Et toi? Est-ce que tu es étudiante aussi? And you? Are you also a student?
Camille Non, je travaille. No, I work

Grammar Notes

D'où viens tu? is short for De où viens tu? which translates word-for-word to [From where come you?].

Je viens d'Amerique is short for Je viens de Amerique which translates word-for-word to [I come from America].

Est-ce que tu est étudiant? means [Are you a student?]. Yes or no questions in French typically start with the phrase Est-ce que...

Oui and Non are the French words for [Yes] and [No], respectively.