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John Bonjour! Hello!
Femme Bonjour! Hello!
John C'est Toulouse? Is this Toulouse?
Femme Oui. Yes.
John Mon grand père vient de Toulouse! My grandfather cames from Toulouse.
Femme Comment il s'appelle? What's his name?
John Il s'appelle Xavier Delouvrier. Xavier Delouvrier.
Femme Ah, je connais cette famille. I know this family.
Je t'invite chez moi. I invite you to my house.

Grammar Notes

Comment il s'appelle? can be used to ask what someone's name is in French. It literally means [What does he call himself?].

Il s'appelle ___ can be used to say [His name is ___]. It literally means [He calls himself?].

Chez moi is a French expression meaning [my house]. It can also mean, more generally, [at my house] or [to my house].

  • Je t'invite chez moi.
    I invite you to my home.
  • J'etais chez elle hier soir.
    I was at her house last night.
  • As-tu une piscine chez toi?
    Do you have a swimming pool at home?