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Camille Bonjour! Good day!
John Bonjour! Good day!
Camille Comment tu t'appelles? What's your name?
John Je m'appelle John. My name is John.
Camille Salut John. Hi John.
Je m'appelle Camille. My name is Camille.
John Enchanté. Pleased (to meet you).
Camille Enchantée. Pleased (to meet you).

Grammar Notes

Bonjour is the standard greeting used among French people during the day.

Comment tu t'appelles? is short for Comment tu te appelles?, and the French word te means [yourself]. The phrase translates word-for-word as [How you yourself call?], meaning [What's your name?]

Je m'appelle ... is short for Je me appelle ..., and the French word me means [myself]. The phrase translates word-for-word as [I myself call ...], meaning [I call myself ...] or more simply [My name is ...].

Enchanté and Enchantée are pronounced the same, but the words are spelled differently depending on whether the speaker is a man or a woman.